Sennheiser Communications

Our criteria for success

Comfort, Safety, Durability, Quality


Our international sales and marketing network is dedicated to serving our customers' needs.

The product development team is committed to shaping the future, by creating innovative products.

We continually strive to improve tools we offer for communicating hands-free and wirelessly, while giving constant consideration to our users health and safety.

Priority is given to achieving:

  • The highest quality in products and sound
  • Sophisticated designs with optimal wearing comfort
  • Maximum possible safety for the user
  • Long-term durability 

All Sennheiser Communications' products are created to make the verbal transfer of information as comfortable as possible, for people who spend a great deal of time communicating. We know that people are most efficient and productive when their physical well-being is a priority.

Our background in audiology reinforces our determination to provide the safest products available. Innovations such as ActiveGard™, in our telecommunications headsets, demonstrate the success of our technologies in meeting the needs of consumers.

We recognize that technology requires an investment on the part of our customers and we work to ensure a significant return on investment and reduce the total cost of ownership. Our products are made from carefully selected materials and are designed to last - especially in fast-paced, high-energy working environments.

Creating the highest quality products that deliver superb sound is part of our corporate philosophy. Our experts in product development, incorporate high-technology and unique features to ensure that the sound quality of all products is impeccable. Only the very best raw materials are incorporated into the sophisticated manufacturing process. Our strict quality control measures ensure that the end result is an exceptional product that we are proud to make and our customers are proud to own.